Be Your Best Cheerleader!

Often times,we humans are so strict on ourselves. We have tendencies of hating our very selves. Just as we are our own worst critics let’s also be our best cheer leaders. So relax and create a balance. Always be your own best friend. The worst thing you can do is not loving yourself. Focus on your strengths and strive to work on your weaknesses. Yea, we all aren’t perfect but you’ve got to stand out. Never allow people’s opinion of you become your reality. Be you!It is who you define yourself to be that people will eventually come to accept and respect. Don’t end up being people’s shadows or a shadow of yourself. So dude, give yourself a break!
Come out in the light cos you are the light of the World. This is your set time to shine. Build your confidence by speaking great positive words to yourself such as: I am Beautiful, I am the Best, I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made, I am intelligent etc. In less time, you’ll see yourself acting it, feeling it, and finally being it.
Your words are seeds that are sown into your life. Never sow negative seeds, keep speaking positively. Even when you make a mess of things, acknowledge you are wrong, genuinely ask for forgiveness and move on. Never dwell in your setbacks. We know a Victor,not by how successful he is, but how he rose up after he failed.
Nobody said you won’t make mistakes. Infact, mistakes are part of the growing process. One can’t do without it. Without mistakes we all won’t be able to learn and grow. Your ability to learn fast and move on will determine how high you’ll rise above the propensity of making such mistakes again. So arise and get to work cos there is no time to say, “No Time”. Lolz.
Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom. LIVE AND STAY BEAUTIFUL!


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